ClockEntry | Simple online timesheets

  • Allow employees to punch-in and complete their online timesheets from any device
  • Access real-time visibility of your workforce on PC, phone or tablet
  • Simplify your work schedules
  • Reduce time and paper shuffling
  • Integrates seamlessly with your PayEntry payroll system

Smarter workforce management at your fingertips

For online timesheets and timekeeping, Abacus Payroll uses ClockEntry a basic time and attendance solution featuring convenient punch options, including web, mobile, and centrally installed hardware. ClockEntry’s innovative platform now offers a mobile application on iPhone and Android devices, and even if you’re without internet access, will continue to record your data and sync with your account once re-connected. Employers and supervisors have increased visibility of their workforce, and can instantly access real-time attendance data, timecard approval, standard and overtime hours worked, assigned schedules, and an in/out board, all in a simple format configured specifically for your organization. Put the pencil down and make the switch to automated online timesheets!

Download ClockEntry on Apple App Store for Iphone or Ipad Download ClockEntry for Android on Google Play


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