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Get the latest news in HR , technology developments, as well as information on how to overcome the challenges of healthcare reform.

Work From Home Tips to Pass on to your Employees

May 19, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Flexible working arrangements appear to be here to stay. But the benefits of working from home also come with the challenge of maintaining an appropriate work-life balance and a high level of productivity. Here are several ideas to consider if you’ll be continuing to work from home, either full-time or occasionally:   Divide the work […]
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Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Happy

May 10, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Traditionally, employers have relied on giving employees raises as a way to retain their staff and reward them for being hard-working and loyal. Raises can get expensive, and there is often an upper limit for what you can offer when it comes to increasing salaries and wages. Keeping your employees happy makes business sense. You […]
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What is FMLA?

April 29, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Once your small business reaches the 50-employee milestone, your workforce begins to become eligible for the Family and Medical Leave Act. This provides long-term, unpaid job protection related to certain family and health matters.   What is FMLA? FMLA, the Family and Medical Leave Act, is a federal law that provides employees with unpaid, job […]
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How to Get a Handle on Employment Churn

April 21, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
If you’ve ever lost a key employee, you know the immediate and long-term hit to your bottom line. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce employee turnover and the challenges it brings. Here are a few to consider: Review employee compensation. Do your homework to ensure your company is offering competitive industry salaries […]
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How the Pandemic Reshaped Payroll Priorities

April 7, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Having just passed the two-year mark of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Abacus Payroll is reflecting on how payroll operations and priorities differ in 2022 compared to early 2020. Like so many business industries, payroll has faced pandemic-driven disruption that has led to both opportunities and challenges for small business owners.   Here are […]
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Spotting Problem Employees Ahead of Time

April 1, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Your employees are the blood of your entrepreneurial or small business life. No start-up will survive without a good set of people making sure that things run perfectly. The problem for you and any other entrepreneur is making sure that the people on your team are trustworthy and reliable. Some people have a sixth sense […]
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Hiring Your First Employee? Make It a Success

March 29, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Are you ready to hire your first employee? Perhaps you started a new business, and are working solo or with a spouse or business partner. Now the business is growing and there’s just too much to do. You find yourself working long hours and still not keeping up. It may be time to make your […]
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What You Should Know Before Terminating a Remote Employee

March 22, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Terminations involving remote employees function much the same as those in a physical worksite. But just like the virtual hiring process has its own nuances and considerations, there are some things to keep in mind when terminating a remote worker. 5 Things To Know Before Firing a Remote Employee: Know the State Laws If the […]
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3 Ways to Motivate Workers

March 18, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
The question of motivating employees is often on a business owner’s mind. It can be difficult to find ways to genuinely motivate employees at work, and often the old standards—performance-based bonuses, increased rewards and commissions—only work in the short-term, if they work at all. In fact, some tests have shown that the usual motivational tactics […]
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9 Steps to Leading People Successfully through Major Organizational Change

March 14, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Change in business is almost always a good thing, but often poor management means that the workforce becomes disengaged and the change process painful. In the worst cases, this results in irreparable damage being done. It doesn’t need to be this way. Follow these nine steps and empower yourself to successfully lead your people through major […]
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