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Creating and Developing Company Culture

July 11, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll

When running a business, there are many important factors. From the day to day tasks to creating an inclusive environment, everything must work cohesively to have an efficient and profitable workplace. While having an organized and productive daily routine and system can allow your business to appear successful in tasks, creating a company culture that employees want to be apart of will allow your business to prosper.

Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

Seek to Understand – Employees are people too. They have needs, motivations, and priorities that make them each unique. It is important as an employer to get to know and understand each of your employees as individuals. Besides being a caring person, it is important to do this to create an environment that allows your employees to be productive and engaged.

Amplify Voices – With your staff, comes many backgrounds and ideas that can benefit your business. It is important to allow your employees to feel heard in the workplace. Allowing them to contribute ideas to the business will create an environment where open communication is encouraged and appreciated.

Work-Life Balance – It is important as an employer that your business may not always be your employees number one priority. There is no situation where you should force them to prioritize your business over personal matters. Creating healthy work-life balance boundaries will create an environment where employees feel valued.

Developing an Inclusive Work Environment

Prioritize Development – People like working where they can grow and develop. Prioritizing development will help your business and your employees continue to advance in skills and grow. Employees will appreciate the desire for improvement while also being more productive and profitable for your business.

Communicate – Once establishing relationships with your employees, it is crucial to continue on a path of open communication. Being transparent with your employees about the course of business will show them that they can also be open and honest with you. This will help keep everyone on the same page and prevent any blindsides.

Reward – While getting a bonus or gift is great, showing your employees that you are noticing a job well done is even better! Whether it is acknowledgement in front of coworkers or a gift and card, your employees will value your praise.

Making sure that your employees feel heard and appreciated from you and your business is extremely important when creating an inclusive and diverse environment. Your employees are people with their own families and personal lives. It is crucial that you acknowledge this and make the workplace an enjoyable experience.

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