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Employee Management Basics: FAQS for Hiring, Training, and Letting Employees Go

August 17, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll

Human Resources is at the core of your business’s health and happiness. One of the most important elements of HR is handling the coming and going of your workforce. Ensuring a smooth hiring and onboarding process is the best way to find success in your business. However, the responsibility of HR does not end there. Following is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on hiring and managing employees that business owners often have when starting or developing the Human Resources department at their business.

How do I make recruiting more effective?

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How do I hire employees the right way?

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How do I onboard a new employee?

Ideas to Help Onboard New Employees

Onboarding Done Right: Key Basics of New Employee Integration

Is training important for employees?

Cross-training Employees: A Small Business Survival Tool

How to Motivate and Evaluate Employees


What about when an employee quits or is fired?

What to Do When an Employee Quits

Small Business Payroll: Compensation of Terminated Employees

What You Should Know Before Terminating a Remote Employee


How Outsourcing Can Help Your Hiring and Employee Management Processes

Abacus Payroll recently held a webinar that demonstrated how a self-service outsourced HR solution can help ease headaches associated with the employee life cycle. 

Don’t go at it alone. Human Resource penalties are very expensive and your employees will suffer at the cost of your business. Contact Abacus Payroll at (856)667-6225 and sign up for the HR Help Center today! Handy resources include template policies, checklists, sample job description, welcome and termination letter templates, labor law guides, minimum wage maps, and many more tools and resources that can uncomplicate this process at your small business, without hiring a full time HR employee.



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