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Payroll Services for Farms and Wineries

| posted by Abacus Payroll
Payroll for farms and wineries

Abacus Payroll, Inc. has been helping farms, wineries, and local agriculture businesses with their payroll in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware and the wider tri-state region since 1959.

Every farmer knows that “make hay while the sun shines,” doesn’t mean sitting at a desk working on payroll when you could be planting, pruning, or harvesting.  But it also doesn’t mean that payroll can be ignored. As a farmer you know that seasonal hires can wreak havoc on your payroll and keeping on top of yearly changes in tax rates is far more difficult than predicting the weather.


Our Hammonton, NJ based payroll team has been working with farmers and handling agricultural payrolls for over 40 years. Clients include the pride of Jersey—blueberry and vegetable farmers—as well as thriving produce stands and productive vineyards. Whether it’s piecework payroll or Form 943 filings, the Abacus Payroll and Alloy Silverstein CPA team can help you harvest success.


We provide payroll services for farms and wineries of all sizes.

From local family-run farms to multi-state organizations, Abacus Payroll, Inc. will get to know your business and provide you with the personalized payroll and tax service you need; just like we have with Charlie Tomasello and his famous New Jersey Tomasello Winery.

At Abacus Payroll, Inc. we help farms and wineries:

    • Verify and keep track of I-9s and other important employee documents;
    • Process daily payrolls, or payroll on demand 3-4 times each week via paper checks, direct deposit, or pay cards;
    • Make sure your piecework pay structure complies with minimum wage requirements;
    • Prepare and submit your Form 943 annually and much much more!


Prices start from just $4 per employee per month, Contact us or call (856) 667-6225 for a personalized quote today and take advantage of our special limited time offer.



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Abacus Payroll, Inc. is a leading provider of payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether yours is a family-owned small business or a national corporation, we provide payroll, tax and other financial services on time and at an affordable price. Unlike other payroll providers, Abacus Payroll will assign your very own payroll specialist who will understand your payroll needs inside and out. So no more speaking to a different person each time, no more sitting on hold for hours and most importantly no more missed deadlines! Contact us today to see how we can help your business. You can count on us.