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Simple, paperless and pain-free payroll processing.

Growing businesses and startup ventures experience growing pains. Don’t let payroll be one of them.

Abacus Payroll is a veteran payroll company that prides itself on customer service. No more wasting time on 1-800 numbers or explaining yourself to a new payroll specialist each time you call. Our friendly specialists know you’re not a payroll expert and will make sure A) your organization is in compliance and B) that your loyal team members get paid each pay day.

Abacus Payroll

Our Services

Payroll Processing

Bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly paychecks for your hardworking employees.


Taxes & Filing

Stay out of the ire of the IRS by having accurate and timely tax filings.


Human Resources

24/7 online guidance, labor law knowledge library, and downloadable templates.



Simplify and automate timekeeping via smartphones or PC that syncs to payroll software.


Workers’ Comp

Improve cash flow with pay-as-you-go workers compensation insurance.


Pay Cards

Stay paperless with our direct deposit and payroll card solutions.



Helpful Resources

Paycheck Calculators

Calculate Net, Gross, Tip Tax, W-4, Bonus, and more values.


News & Articles

Be in the know and better manage your small business.


Payroll Forms

Download W-4, I-9, W-2, 1099, direct deposit forms, and more.



Meet the Specialists

Ren Cicalese | Managing Shareholder

Ren Cicalese, CPA, PFS, CGMA

Managing Shareholder


Nicole Pelaschier | Payroll Expert

Nicole Pelaschier

Accountant & Tax Advisor


Anne Marie Galfo | Payroll Expert

Anne Marie Galfo

Accountant & Tax Advisor


Jim Storey | Payroll Expert

James Storey, CPA

Director of Operations


Kathi Migliacco | Payroll Expert

Kathleen Migliacco

Payroll Specialist


Kristina Dovico | Payroll Expert

Kristina Dovico

Payroll Specialist


Abacus Payroll Tax Team

Meet the Whole Team →

More CPAs & Tax Advisors to keep you compliant.


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