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Important Payroll Tax Forms

December 31, 2019 | posted by Abacus Payroll

Here at Abacus Payroll, Inc. we want to make life as easy as possible, which is why you will find important and frequently used payroll tax forms and what they are for right here. If there’s something you can’t find, then please let us know.


Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement – This agreement allows you as an employer to deposit your employee’s paycheck directly into their savings or checking account.


Form W-9Use this form to provide your correct Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) if you or your business are hired to provide services to another company. Most often, Form W-9 is sent to independent contractors, consultants, and other self-employed workers. Form W-9 is also used by banks and other financial institutions to request tax information from customers.


Form W-4 – This form is used to determine the amount of tax withheld from an employee’s earnings. Consider completing a new Form W-4 each year to reflect changes in your personal or financial situation like marriage, divorce or the birth of a child. *NOTE This new 2020 Form W4 has been updated to reflect changes due to tax reform.*


Form NJ W-4This form is used to determine the amount of tax withheld from an employee’s earnings in the state of New Jersey. Consider completing a new Form W-4 each year to reflect changes in your personal or financial situation.


Form I-9The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) requires that all employers complete Form I-9 to document verification of the identity and employment authorization of each new employee (both citizen and noncitizen) hired after November 6, 1986, to work in the US. (Form 8802: Application for US Residency Certification). Visit for more information.


Residency Certification Form (PA – Act 32) – Employees must fill this out for employers to determine what taxes should be withheld from earnings based on the employees’ county and local municipality.


Form W-2 – This form is used to report annual wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from those wages.


Form W-2cUse Form W-2c to correct errors on Form W-2.


Form W-3 – This form is used for employers to submit their W-2 transmittal data to the Social Security Administration showing total wages, Medicare wages, and Social Security wages for all company employees.


Form W-3c – This form is used to transmit the corrected information on Form W-3 when a W-2c needs to be filed, even if you are only correcting an employee’s name or social security number.


Form 1099 – This form is used to report different kinds of taxable income other than wages, salaries and tips and generally refers to wages paid to independent contractors.


Form 1096 – Use a Form 1096 to summarize the Form 1099 your company files with the IRS.



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