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Helping seasonal businesses make sense of Obamacare

| posted by Abacus Payroll

Charlie Kirchner
International Sports Center

For over 20 years, Charlie Kirchner has made a living creating fun, safe environments for the patrons of his three International Sports Center facilities. Providing area families the very best in indoor sports and entertainment, ISC operates a roller skating facility in Deptford and two sports facilities in Mt. Laurel and Cherry Hill, NJ.  Each offers something for everyone from soccer matches to birthday parties, sports programs, and senior citizen activities.

Like other seasonal businesses which are clients of Abacus Payroll, Inc., Charlie outsourced payroll to free up his time to run a year-round business that really heats up in the summer. After years of processing payroll for the farm industry with its seasonal employee payrolls, Abacus had just the expertise Charlie needed. “Our summer business quadruples and hiring has to meet that demand at all three of the facilities. We host dozens of summer camps so we’ll go from 30 to 80 employees pretty quickly. Abacus has streamlined our payroll process so that no matter what the season, I don’t worry about the payroll.”

Like every seasonal business, Charlie has to contend with complicated government regulation. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, Alloy Silverstein Group professionals met with him and delivered a detailed presentation explaining exactly how the new law would impact his business. “We may not be IBM or Apple, but sometimes we get pushed into a higher bracket because we ramp up summer hiring. Abacus clarified that the law offered an exemption for seasonal employees that meant we didn’t have to be pushed into a more costly bracket.”

For the past seven years, Abacus has handled payroll for International Sports Center, allowing Charlie to focus on his business but still keeping him well informed of changes in the tax code.  “I have employees who get the information to Abacus, and I appreciate the fact that I always know what’s going on. Abacus always keeps me in the loop. They’re accurate and efficient and very accessible.”

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