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Counting on Abacus to pay 160 staff across multiple states

| posted by Abacus Payroll

Janet Mintzer
Mintzer, Sarowitz, Zeris, Ledva & Meyers LLP


Established in 1985, the law firm of Mintzer, Sarowitz, Zeris, Ledva & Meyers LLP specializes in personal injury defense. Accounting supervisor Janet Mintzer helps run the successful firm and relies on Abacus Payroll, Inc. to tackle a very complex payroll with 160 full-time attorneys and staff in nine offices, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Florida, and West Virginia. That sort of growth makes for a complicated payroll, and outsourcing makes good business sense.


Twenty-nine years in business has taught Janet that getting payroll right is too important to entrust to a payroll provider that doesn’t offer a high level of personal service. Early on, the firm worked with ADP, but ultimately found that the customer service offered by Abacus better met their needs.  Janet relies on Abacus to provide accurate payroll and tax returns across several states, all of which have their own specific tax codes and deadlines.  The firm also depends on Abacus to correctly calculate bonuses that vary from employee to employee.  “We process a very large and complicated payroll and we trust Abacus to get our payroll and filings right. I would recommend them to any colleague who needed a payroll processing service.”

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