Is offering a 401(k) plan right for your small business?

Business ownership has always been a road not only to security, but to financial freedom as well. There’s a freedom to owning your own business, a sense of accomplishment that comes with being your own boss and making the rules.Naturally, when you think about your business you think about the future, not just yours but that of your employees. Building a nest egg is a way to help secure that future, but with all the choices for investment available in the marketplace, how do you go about it?

One way is through establishing a company 401(k) plan. The reasons for setting up a 401(k) plan vary from business to business, but some of the key reasons include attracting great employees, helping them to save for their future, compensating management and taking advantage of employer tax breaks available as a result of participation.

But a 401(k) plan isn’t for everyone. Thanks to Abacus Payroll’s relationship with Alloy Silverstein Financial Services, Inc., we believe that comprehensively evaluating your entire business is the best way to determine if setting up a 401(k) plan is right for you, your company and your employees.

Unlike the chain payroll providers, we know that 401(k) plans are too important for cookie-cutter packaged solutions. So to help you decide, we’ll guide you through a survey of your employees to gauge interest and then evaluate multiple Third-Party Administrators and their plans until we find one that’s right for you.

Just like with payroll, we have the right 401(k) solutions to fit your unique business.

Call (856) 667-6225 and speak to an Abacus Payroll specialist today and ask about setting up a 401(k).

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