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Paychex and ADP can’t beat Abacus on price, service, or dependability

| posted by Abacus Payroll

Betsy Dietz
Andrew J. Dietz, DDS, PA

Dr. Andrew Dietz, DDS and his wife, Betsy, have been running a thriving dental practice in Haddon Heights, NJ since 1999. As a small business specializing in prosthodontics and focused on delivering the best possible patient care and satisfaction, neither Andrew nor Betsy had the time or the expertise to stay on top of the payroll. Thanks to Abacus Payroll, Inc., the worry of getting payroll right is a distant memory. “I just fax over the information to Abacus and it’s taken care of,” says Betsy who has outsourced payroll since the practice was first established and feels Abacus isn’t just a great value but a payroll service that genuinely cares about her business.

Even with a small staff, the Dietz practice can generate a fairly complex payroll and Betsy often hires temps either because a staff member is ill or to keep up with the heavy workload. New Jersey law requires that temporary employees be reported because they’re working under the direction and control of Dr. Dietz even if the employee is only working for a week.  The added paperwork could be a real headache for a busy practice and for Betsy Dietz who is also the mother of two young children. Betsy relies on Abacus to make her life easier and works closely with her payroll specialists. “What I love about them is that they are always happy to help; if I make a mistake they are always on top of things.  If I ask them to do something, it’s done immediately.”

Abacus does the entire payroll for the practice, including filing quarterly taxes and handling healthcare deductions. Betsy’s also a big fan of Payentry, the secure online payroll platform Abacus offers clients, and she appreciates its ease of use and flexibility.  “I can catch up on work from home at night or on weekends so I don’t have to worry about falling behind.” Betsy used Paychex when the practice was first established but switched when Abacus opened.  Over the years, numerous sales people from larger payroll outfits have tried to get Betsy to switch payroll providers.  And while none of the larger payroll providers who approach Betsy can beat Abacus pricing, for Betsy the customer service is key to staying put.  “I get far better customer service than when we were with the other company. Whenever I have a problem or a question, I’m always dealing with the same people and so I know they really care.”

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