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Payroll Basics: FAQs for Getting Started with Payroll for Your Business

July 11, 2019 | posted by Abacus Payroll

Happy employees are employees who are accurately paid on time each pay day. That’s one area of running a business where no one likes surprises.

However, navigating payroll setup for a new business can get overwhelming quickly if you’re not organized or partnered with an outsourced payroll specialist.

Following is a comprehensive list of frequently-asked-questions that business owners often have when starting their payroll from scratch.


What gets deducted out of a paycheck?

Anatomy of a Paycheck: What to Deduct and Why

Wage Garnishments: What You Need to Know

Local Income Tax: What is it?


What payroll and tax forms do I need?

Important Payroll Tax Forms

Avoiding W-2, W-3, and 1099 Mistakes

Updating Your W-4 Form: When and Why?


What’s the difference between a W2 employee and a 1099 independent contractor?

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Worker Classification for New Jersey Employers Now as Easy as A-B-C


How often should I pay my employees?

The Ins and Outs of Payroll Frequency


How do I know what to pay my employees?

Small Business Payroll: Setting employee pay

Paying Employees for Travel: What’s Required by Law


How do I handle paid time off and special pay periods?

Dealing with Holiday Pay and Bonuses without Drowning in Accounting

Handling Pay and Time Off: Jury Duty and Election Day

Paying Employees on Maternity or Paternity Leave


What about when an employee quits or is fired?

What to Do When an Employee Quits

Small Business Payroll: Compensation of Terminated Employees


Oops, I made a payroll mistake…

5 Common Payroll Mistakes Business Owners Make

Payroll and Penalties

Retain Employees: Steps to Take to Reduce Chances of Payroll Errors

What to Do if You’ve Accidentally Overpaid an Employee


What kind of payroll fraud do I need to be aware of?

Fighting Small Business Payroll Fraud

Gone Phishing: How HR & Payroll Pros Can Be Proactive Against Scams

Combating Buddy-Punching in the Workplace


How can I stay organized at year-end?

Abacus Payroll’s Year-End Payroll Checklist

Must-Do End-of-Year HR Tasks for Small Business Owners


Should my payroll system be paperless?

The Case for Paperless Payroll

5 Ways to Improve Your Payroll Automation

Pros and Cons of Paying Your Employees with Pay Cards

Revisiting Pay Cards: What Are Your Legal Obligations?


What’s the best way to start bringing on employees?

Startup Corner: 4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your First Employees

Onboarding Done Right: Key Basics of New Employee Integration

6 Tips for Making Smarter Hiring Decisions


What should I know about Human Resources (HR)?

Small Business HR Mistakes to Avoid

6 Ways Extra HR Support Can Help Your Small Business

4 Consequences of Ignoring HR Issues



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