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Abacus Payroll also offers a wide variety of solutions that can be added to your payroll process to ensure your business is even more efficient, visible, and productive.

  • Wage Garnishments – We can deduct or withhold money from employees for court order collection of child support, defaulted loans, tax, liens, etc.
  • Extra Pay Runs or Checks – If extra checks are needed in between pay periods there is a per-check fee that can be discussed beforehand with your personal payroll professional.
  • Agency Checks – We can make payments to third parties for you.
  • New Hire Reporting For all your new hires, Abacus Payroll can report to the appropriate state agencies as required by law.
  • Electronic Timekeeping – Abacus Payroll’s electronic timekeeping software helps you keep track of your employees’ time from any a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet browser.
  • Automatic Check Signing – We can store an electronic signature for authorized use on printed checks.
  • Check Stuffing – Paychecks or direct deposit vouchers will be stuffed into sealed envelopes.
  • Shipping and handling – We can ship your paychecks to anywhere in the US via next day UPS delivery or US mail.
  • Employee Self-Service – Promote convenient transparency within your organization by offering employees secure account access to view their individual pay histories, accrued PTO and other HR data accessed from any internet browser.
  • 1099s – We will generate and print all your 1099s.
  • Certified Payroll – For publicly-funded projects, a certified payroll report (and job costing) is available to show the wages paid to each worker until the project’s completion.
  • Workers Compensation – We can set up a pay-as-you-go workers compensation policy through our preferred vendor The Hartford.
  • Paid Time Off Reports – Abacus Payroll can set up PTO accrual tables to aid in the tracking of designated hours.
  • Custom Reporting – We look at your company’s bigger picture and your Abacus Payroll specialist can help you set up nearly 75 comprehensive, custom reports about your business’s payroll and employees.
  • HR Help Center – Now you have an easy and affordable option to better manage your employees and stay compliant when it comes to Human Resources. Ask us about this add-on!

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