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Providing for Your Employees Through Effective HR

August 2, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll
Providing for Your Employees? - Are you adequately providing for those who make your business profitable?

HR exists to provide support for you, your business, and most importantly, your employees. By establishing a set HR system, you will be providing your employees with the tools and resources necessary to have a productive and inclusive work environment.

The 2022 workforce is much different than in pre-pandemic times. Candidates and employees aren’t shy about demanding more benefits for a healthier work-life balance. From managing benefits and time off to developing a functioning onboarding process, here is how HR can help you in administering the best work environment for you and your staff.

Demand for Benefits

The pandemic activated a “Great Resignation” trend that has changed what new members of the workforce expect from their employers. The push for salary transparency and prioritization of a hybrid/remote workforce has created a wave of demand for certain benefits. If these needs are not met, employees will vocalize their concerns or leave for an employer that is more likely to supply those demands. Here are some areas that HR can assist with focusing and organizing in order to better provide for your employees.

1) Flexibility

With remote and hybrid work becoming the new normal for most office settings and industries that can support it, employees have a growing expectation of flexibility when it comes to hours, time off, and freedom in their schedule throughout the work day. On average, nearly 60% of employees prefer having a hybrid work option where they are not required to be in the office for the full work week. As an employer, it is important to work with an HR team to develop a schedule and plan that works for your specific business and employees’ needs.

How does HR help with flexibility? An HR department, professional, or outsourced solution can provide work-from-home agreements, fair companywide policies, updates to the Employee Handbook, rules for devices and equipment, recruiting and hiring resources for fully-remote employees, and multi-state knowledge of labor laws and payroll taxes that may be impacted by a growingly remote workforce.

2) Compensation

With the “Great Resignation” still looming, employees in some industries have more leverage when it comes to negotiating compensation. Employees are looking for higher pay, more time off, and more benefits. An HR team can develop a compensation plan that aligns with the current happenings and cost of labor.

How does HR help with compensation packages? There is less of a guessing game involved compared to trying to get by without an HR team. An HR professional or outsourced HR Support Center can help you have definite salary ranges, a salary budget, third-party research from other companies, employee calculators, a minimum wage map, the latest employee benefit trends, and more.

3) Amplifying Voices

The world is changing and evolving. It is important to create an inclusive, dynamic, and diverse work environment where all employees feel valued and heard. Company culture is very valuable and many candidates prioritize an environment that fits their desires over the daily tasks of the position. If employees do not resonate or feel comfortable with a company’s culture, they may turn down an offer based on that mismatch alone. Likewise, by defining and building a corporate culture you are proud of, you’ll attract candidates that align with your values.

How does HR help with fostering an inclusive team environment? Besides providing educational materials on diversity and inclusion, an adept HR team can also help your company run engagement surveys, stay interviews, wellness programs, employee appreciation initiatives, and more culture-based efforts.

How To Compensate

With all of the demands for better benefits and compensation, it is easy to get lost in the negotiation process. Determining what benefits work for you and your business prior to the beginning of the interviewing process is important.  There are many factors that contribute to determining the right compensation for a position within your business. These factors include:

  • Industry – Different industries have varying standards for compensating employees. It is important that you research your industry to get a good understanding of what the appropriate ranges are.
  • Position Level – Depending on the level of experience required for the role, different amounts of compensation may be required. Some candidates may be more qualified than others which also may contribute to how much the employer is willing to pay them.
  • Budget – One of the most important factors to be aware of is your business’s budget for the role. You must know the maximum amount that you are able to pay so you do not make promises that you can not keep or would cause financial issues.
  • Competitor’s Rates – Knowing competitors in your industry and region can be very helpful when it comes to determining compensation for a role. You want to be sure that your prices are competitive to others in your industry to be sure that candidates view you as a viable employer.
  • Candidate – If you are aware of your budget and all of the details of the position and the industry, you do have some flexibility that can allow you to alter the compensation based on the specific candidate. If the candidate is “perfect” for the role, you can increase your offer in hopes of them accepting.


If you have any questions about how HR can help you better provide for your employees, contact an Abacus Payroll provider today!

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