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Putting the “Human” in Human Resources

June 20, 2022 | posted by Abacus Payroll

In 2022, the hiring process is more about what a business can do for a potential candidate, versus the alternative. Employees expect a workplace that values their time and talent. Between the rise of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and favoring those lead with empathy, employees are looking for businesses that respect, understand, and appreciate them and their needs.

Human Resources exist to enhance the work experience for employees. The HR department exists to execute the process of employing people, training them, and compensating them while developing policies relating to them strategies to retain them. However, almost 7 out 0f 10 people fear utilizing HR and their services because they do not believe that the department will side with them. It is crucial that HR departments everywhere rebrand and rebuild trust with their employees by putting the “human” back in Human Resources.

Humanely vs. Humanly

There are different levels of human needs that should be reached when conducting a successful workplace. These levels stretch from very basic to true compassion for employees. An employer should strive to not just treat their employees humanely, but humanly.

HumanelyHumanely means providing your employees with the basic necessities to complete their job. For example, water fountains, adequate workspaces, lunch breaks, etc.

HumanlyHumanly means treating your employees with true compassion and respect. Allowing them to be their authentic selves and feel safe in their work environment. This may not be considered a traditional basic human need, but it is human need that increases productivity and overall quality of life.

Leading with Empathy

A true leader does much more than “lead” people and delegate tasks to a team. There is a great difference between a leader and a boss. Empathy allows you to create an environment of open communication and appreciation. It opens the path of understanding and exploring problems that employees are facing; making it easier to help resolve them. The more willing people are to communicate, accept and appreciate feedback, and be empathetic towards others, the more productive and enjoyable the workspace will be.

Putting “Human” Back in Human Resources

Evaluate Existing Policies

When taking a look at your existing policies, it is important to ask yourself two things:

  • Does the policy align with the corporate mission, value, vision, and behaviors?
  • Will the policy enhance our employee attraction, engagement and retention, ensuring that all of our people can bring their true selves to work?

Analyzing the way that the current policy aligns with the corporate mission, value, vision, and behavior and how it will enhance the employee experience is a great way to start thinking about how you can help your employees and improve the work environment. Comparing your daily functions, policies, and procedures with the mission and values of your business will help keep your mission progressing.

Encourage Open Communication

Employees often have opinions about the workplace and the environment in which they work. It is important to communicate frequently with these employees to ensure that they are feeling appreciated for the work they are contributing. Creating a safe space where employees feel they can discuss their true opinions openly will make it easier for management to create an environment that is beneficial for all.

Prioritize Strong Leadership

Trust and communication with a boss or management team is extremely important when striving for a productive work environment. If an employee feels like they can not turn to their leadership, it will begin to create a divide that will potentially lead to further difficulties down the road.


Human resources is a core function of your business. It is important to prioritize HR to create an environment where employees feel safe to be themselves and to speak openly with leadership. If you do not have the time or money to create and manage a successful HR department, outsourcing HR may be for you! There are many resources and opportunities for outsourcing HR, and supplementing with an HR Help Center can provide you with many ready-made tools and templates.  If you have any questions about creating a successful Human Resources department, contact an Abacus Payroll advisor today!

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