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Tips for Successfully Hiring & Onboarding Virtually

July 15, 2020 | posted by Abacus Payroll

Even if your business is up and running as usual, you may not be willing to bring in multiple people into the office for interviewing. Many businesses are continuing to operate remotely for the foreseeable future.  Therefore, virtually hiring and onboarding is the “new normal” for most businesses. Here are some tips to help you successfully hire and onboard virtually.

Post Job Title and Description Online

Begin seeking potential candidates by sharing the open position and description online. You can post it on your website, social media, and through job sites.  This will help you filter out unqualified candidates before setting a time for a meeting. Also, if this will be a remote position for the conceivable future, make sure you include the specific equipment they will need and what technology and programs are required to be familiar with in the job description.

Begin with a Phone Screening

Save yourself the time and hassle of a video conference with all qualified candidates by fleshing out some of them with a 15-30 minute phone screening. You can get an idea of the individual and their mannerisms before scheduling a full interview.

Set Up a Video Meeting

After selecting candidates that are qualified and conducting a phone screening, set up a time to meet over video conferencing. By using Zoom or another video conferencing platform, you can interview applicants as normal with questions and conversation as well as verifying etiquette and professionalism.

Next Step: Virtual Onboarding

Now that you have found the perfect employee for the position, you need to properly onboard them virtually. Here are a few tips to help set up your new hire for success remotely.


Everyone knows the abundance of paperwork that comes with a new job. Make sure your employee is set up for their first day with all of the paperwork that is required to be filled out.  Because you won’t be meeting in person, you can have all of it sent electronically for them to look over and e-sign any necessary documents. If you don’t wish to send it electronically, send it by fax or mail, just make sure they are ready to get started on it for their first day.

Provide an Itinerary for Daily Activities

Start by providing an itinerary for the new hire. This will help them know what their day-to-day will look like and where to start in their new role. They may have many questions when starting the new job so providing this will aid them in knowing where and when to begin to ask for guidance.

Use Online Tools for Productivity

Utilize applications and software tools, such as Basecamp, to help with productivity and communication. Some programs allow you to assign projects to certain teams or individuals. Within the project, they can ask questions and mark it done when it is completed. This is a great option for remote employees to make sure they have projects to work on.

Video Meetings

Video conferencing did not end after the interview. Think about what it would be like if you were in the office, you would constantly be stopping by a new employee’s desk to check on them. This should be the same situation even though it is virtually. You should have multiple video meetings a day for the first couple of weeks until the employee feels comfortable on their own.


Continuously check on your new hire and what you can do to help them get situated. Besides video conferencing, open up your phone number in case you are away from your desk. Make sure you convey to the new employee that they can email you freely with any questions and you will get back to them as soon as you see it. Whether it is relaxed or serious, be transparent about the company culture and expectations at work.

Send Business Branded Items

As a welcome gift, send a “swag bag” to their residence the day they begin work with any branded items such as mugs, pens, keychains, etc. This is great for making an employee feel welcome in your business and excited about their new role. In addition, it is effective marketing for your business.

Virtual Happy Hour

Another great way to welcome a new employee virtually is by having a company-wide happy hour. This will allow them to see everyone and meet their new coworkers in a laid back setting.

Utilize HR

Whether you have an insourced or outsourced HR team, utilize the hiring benefits. HR can help you create a more effective hiring process and track potential applicants. Having a human resources team can also help you with properly onboarding your employee. If you are looking for outsourced HR, contact Abacus Payroll to learn about our HR Help Center and the advantages it can provide to your business.


The good news is that your business is expanding and looking for new hires.  Many businesses are laying off employees and definitely not looking to hire at the moment. You should have a large pool of potential candidates so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity.


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