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Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Cyber Security

March 3, 2016 | posted by Abacus Payroll

There have been quite a few big brand name data breaches and I.T. security failings in the news lately. However, don’t think your organization is excluded because small businesses actually have more of a risk of becoming a victim.

It is very important to take these cyber security threats seriously, instill precautionary measures within your company’s culture, and be proactive in keeping your valuable data secure.

Cyber Security Recommendations


Use stronger passwords.

This recommendation should be a given, but it’s not always followed. It is vital to use passwords that are a combination of upper-case, lowercase, numbers, and symbols to make it more difficult for hackers to infiltrate your systems. Also, do not use the same password for all of your accounts.

(Side note regarding passwords — Remembering each different password for every account or website may get tricky. Don’t just leave your account information written nearby your machine. If you’re going to store your “cheat sheet” on your computer, make sure it is in an encrypted or password protected file or using a secure app or program. Otherwise, your information is still vulnerable!)

Encourage a culture of security.

Everyone plays a part; make your employees aware of phishing emails or suspicious attachments. Encourage them to be cautious in their internet browsing and teach them ways to protect their smartphone. Hackers thrive on human error, so it only takes one bad site or disguised link to cause memory loss, downtime, and general havoc to your business. Your organization can be on a proactive path to protection if your employees are trained to be aware of red flags at all times.

Have a strategic I.T. partner.

If information technology and/or information security is beyond your skill set, consider hiring a consultant or outside firm. They can help you set up prevention measures, test and monitor risks along the way, create a response and remediation plan, and provide immediate assistance in the event of a breach.

Think twice before you send.

Before you click send on an email, double check the content and your attachments. If this information was made public, how detrimental would it be? If your email text or PDF attachment includes financial account numbers, social security numbers, tax returns, and other pertinent non-public data, think twice before sending it over email. Instead, opt for a more secure method of transferring the information, whether it is through a document portal, a secure upload form, an encrypted message, or utilizing a password protected file.

Terminate ex-employees’ access to data immediately.

49 percent of workers who left a company have admitted to accessing their former workplace’s digital resources after departure. Terminated disgruntled employees who still have access to important data may be enticed to use sensitive information as a form of retaliation. Quickly revoking all access to data and closing out a former worker’s account can help forestall potential cyber security breaches from within. Limiting the types of data accessible by current employees based on administrative roles can also help your business show that it is enforcing security and privacy regulatory policies.

We’re on your Team

Abacus Payroll is more than just an outsourced payroll service vendor; we’re a partner to your growing business and we want to see you succeed. Take precaution with your company’s computers and online activity to protect yourself from the ever-growing threat of cyber criminals. One way to securely set up and transfer payroll and employee data is to utilize our online system, Evolution HCM.
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