Small Business Payroll Calculators

8 FREE payroll calculators for you and your employees

If you’re looking to calculate payroll for an employee or yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s W-4 deductions, gross-up or tip taxes, these payroll calculators are an easy way to work out or check the accuracy of a payroll calculation. Go ahead. Try them out. Or better yet, if you have questions about payroll, call one of our payroll specialists TODAY.

Looking for W-2’s, 1099’s and other tax forms? Find them here.

Paycheck Tax Calculator

Want to know what your take home pay will be based on your gross salary? Use our Paycheck Tax Calculator to calculate your payroll tax and other withholdings and deductions.

Hourly Paycheck Calculator

Want to calculate your take home pay using different pay frequencies? Enter up to 6 different pay rates into our Hourly Paycheck Calculator.

W4 Assistant

Want to make sure you’re filling in your W4 correctly? Use our W4 Assistant to help you fill in your W4 which you can then print and give to the payroll manager at your company.

Gross Pay Calculator

Want to know what your gross wages are before taxes and deductions? Enter in your take-home pay and other details into our Gross Pay Calculator.

401(k) Planner

Want to know whether you’re on track with your savings for retirement? 401k Calculator to see what your plan’s future value will be.

Tip Tax Calculator

Earning tips and want to calculate your take home pay? Input your hourly rate and tips earned into our Tip Tax Calculator.

Bonus Pay – Percentage

Bonuses are supplemental wages, so how much needs to be withheld? If the flat percent method is permitted in your state, refer to our
Flat Bonus Pay Calculator.

Bonus Pay – Aggregate

Not all states permit flat withholding from bonuses, so another method is to add the bonus to the employee’s standard paycheck using the Aggregate Bonus Pay Calculator.

Important Note on Payroll Calculators: These free calculations should not be relied on to calculate exact taxes, financial data, or payroll and are not intended to provide legal, tax, or payroll advice. Always consult a professional accountant, payroll service, or professional advisor regarding specific calculation concerns.