Timely payroll solutions for restaurants, bars, breweries, fast casual dining, cafes, food service providers, hotels, motels, and other hospitality industry power players.

In a perfect world, all you would have to worry about was preparing great food and keeping your customers coming back. But the restaurant business, with tips, shift work calculations, and the hiring of minors, is far from that simple.

When you partner with Abacus Payroll, Inc., you receive payroll specialists who have many years of experience computing payroll for restaurants, banquet halls, breweries, cafes, and more. You name it. If it’s a cash or tip-based business, we have handled the payroll.

With our suite of HR offerings, you can ensure your workers are kept to high HR standards. Take it a step further and automate timekeeping as much as possible for error-free scheduling. Restaurant employees also benefit from Self-Services access so they can keep track of their tips and wages.

If tips are a large part of your business’s income, try out our complimentary tip tax paycheck calculator.


Restaurant: “Always a pleasure dealing with Abacus. They are there for you when you need them. Their professionalism and the way they care about your business outdoes the other payroll companies! Accuracy is never an issue.

Food Service: “Awesome service.

Restaurant: “Quick response anytime I need something done.

Easier, Friendlier Payroll Is In Your Reach

Small businesses are a big deal to us. Eliminate the hassle of over complicated payroll and HR processes by partnering with a local and responsive provider.

Focus on your business and leave the payroll and tax to us. Count on Abacus Payroll.