If the thought of switching payroll providers sounds like a headache you don’t want to face, rest assured that Abacus Payroll will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

When Should I Switch?

While some companies wait until the end of the year in order to start new payroll as of January 1st, that is no longer the norm. If you are not receiving high quality personalized service from your current payroll company, you can make the switch at any point in the year. Depending on your needs and pay cycle, it may be recommended to wait until the end of the current quarter.

However, if you are preparing payroll in-house and are looking to begin outsourcing, there is no particular advantage to waiting.

What to Expect

  1. Abacus Payroll’s Client Relationship Manager with work with you on a checklist of items and files required to have your payroll up and running. The Relationship Manager will also review all of our service options that may benefit your specific business.
  2. Data and files can be uploaded using our secure Client Portal.
  3. Your designated Payroll Specialist will aid in inputting all of the necessary data to make sure your payroll doesn’t skip a beat. A conversion will be performed so employees receive
  4. If needed, the Payroll Specialists can demo the software and any add-on services.

Going Forward with Abacus Payroll

You’re on your way to seamless payroll! Once you begin your first payroll cycle, your Payroll Specialist will make sure you know how to access everything you need and how to make changes, including adding or removing employees or requesting reports.

If you need assistance at any time, reach to your Payroll Specialist or our Client Relationship Manager.

There are no temporary pricing gimmicks with Abacus Payroll, nor will we bombard you with sales pitches for unnecessary services. We look forward to working with you!


Take the Hassle Out of Your Payroll Process.

Your small business deserves a friendly and efficient payroll experience. We pledge to make the process as easy as possible. Request a custom quote today for payroll & HR services.

What our clients have to say:

“Absolutely love my new payroll company. Made the switch mid-year and it was absolutely seamless. Never would have known from one week to the next. Everyone is awesome and so very helpful. Would recommend this company a thousand percent.”

“Transition went very smoothly. Customer reps are very cordial and helpful.”

“We switched to Abacus mid-year, the transition was beautiful. I have no complaints at all. Everyone is very helpful no matter what my issue may be. When I call or email, I always hear back from someone in a timely manner. I could not be any happier with my switch.”

Easier, Friendlier Payroll Is In Your Reach

Small businesses are a big deal to us. Eliminate the hassle of over complicated payroll and HR processes by partnering with a local and responsive provider.

Focus on your business and leave the payroll and tax to us. Count on Abacus Payroll.