Accurate paychecks start with accurate time and attendance tracking.

Abacus Payroll offers both physical timeclock selections and an electronic timekeeping app. Both options integrate seamlessly into the web-based payroll and HR data services. Plus, modern features such as fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, and geo-tagging help eliminate time theft.

Swipeclock Timekeeping

Simplify and automate timekeeping from wherever your employees are. If your workforce is remote or spread out amongst several construction sites, Swipeclock’s mobile timekeeping app allows employees to clock in from their exact location at the exact start time. Time and attendance can also be accessed via an online portal. This helps avoid timecard errors, unplanned overtime, and overpaying for labor and gives real-time date to shift supervisors. Less admin time for everyone!

Time Clock Basic or Elite by Asure

If your business is better suited for a physical timeclock terminal, there are modern solutions that also integrate with the payroll system. Account for every shift, down to the second, with fast, accurate, and secure time and attendance capturing.

Easier, Friendlier Payroll Is In Your Reach

Small businesses are a big deal to us. Eliminate the hassle of over complicated payroll and HR processes by partnering with a local and responsive provider.

Focus on your business and leave the payroll and tax to us. Count on Abacus Payroll.